Vipin Puthiyankam Biography

Vipin Puthiyankam Biography:- Vipin Puthiyankam is a famous camera expert from Palakkad, Alathur, known for his amazing work in Malayalam TV shows. He’s really good at making TV scenes look awesome.

Vipin Puthiyankam Biography

Vipin Puthiyankam Bio

Full NameVipin Puthiyankam
BirthplacePalakkad, Alathur, Kerala, India
Notable WorksPaai: The Mat (2021), Kudumbavilakku (2020)
Awards1 win
StarmeterSee rank
Contact InfoAgent info, Awards
Personal LifeMarried to Meera Vasudevan, a Malayalam actress, on April 21, 2024, in Coimbatore
EducationNot publicly disclosed
Early LifeNot publicly disclosed
CareerBegan with work on Malayalam television series “Kudumbavilakku”

Vipin Puthiyankam Early Days and Learning

We don’t know much about Vipin Puthiyankam’s childhood and schooling. But we do know he’s from Palakkad, Alathur, and loves working with cameras.

Vipin Puthiyankam Career

Vipin got his start in TV with the Malayalam show “Kudumbavilakku,” which started in January 2020. People love the show for its great story and cool visuals. Vipin’s camera work in the show is especially awesome.

Vipin Puthiyankam Personal Life

Recently, Vipin made headlines for marrying popular Malayalam actress Meera Vasudevan. They got married in a small ceremony in Coimbatore on April 21, 2024. This is Meera’s third marriage, and they’ve been working together on the same project since May 2019.

Vipin Puthiyankam

Vipin Puthiyankam Social Accounts


Additional Facts

  • Age: Vipin Puthiyankam’s age isn’t shared publicly.
  • Occupation: He works as a cinematographer, mainly in Malayalam TV.
  • Notable Works: He’s known for “Paai: The Mat” (2021) and “Kudumbavilakku” (2020).
  • Awards: He’s won one award for his work.
  • IMDbPro: His IMDbPro page lists his work and contact info.
  • Starmeter: You can find his Starmeter rank on IMDbPro.
  • Personal Life: He’s married to Meera Vasudevan, a Malayalam actress. They started dating in 2019 and got married on April 21, 2024, in Coimbatore.
  • Education: There’s no info about his education.
  • Early Life: Details about his early life aren’t public.
  • Career: He started his cinematography career with “Kudumbavilakku.”
  • Upcoming Projects: He’s part of the upcoming TV series “Kudumbavilakku” (2024), which will have 62 episodes.


What does Vipin Puthiyankam do?

He’s a camera pro, mainly working in Malayalam TV.

What’s his best work?

“Kudumbavilakku” is his standout project; he’s been part of it from the start.

Who’s his wife?

Meera Vasudevan, a well-known Malayalam actress.

When did they get married?

April 21, 2024, in Coimbatore.

What does Meera Vasudevan do?

She’s a Malayalam actress who’s been in many TV shows and movies.

How long have they been working together?

Since May 2019, they’ve been on the same project.

What’s the show they’re working on?

It’s “Kudumbavilakku.”

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