Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs Wikipedia, mąż

Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs Wikipedia, mąż:- Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs is a well-known person because of her work and achievements. She is respected in her field for her contributions.

Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs Wikipedia, mąż

Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs Bio

Full NameKatarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs
ParentsRenowned Polish singer Zbigniew Wodecki
SpouseNigel Stubbs
Notable WorksRudý kapitán (2016), Denial (2016), The Red Spider (2015)
AffiliationsKrakow Festival Office, Krakow Film Commission
Net WorthN/A

Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs Early Life and Education

Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs began her journey to success with a good education. Her early life and schooling set the stage for what she would achieve later on.

Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs Career

In her career, Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs has shown she’s really good at what she does. Her successes have not only made her famous but have also motivated others in her field.

Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs Personal Life

Apart from her job achievements, Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs has a rich personal life. She manages to balance her work with her personal life pretty well.

Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs Social Accounts


Additional Facts

  • Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs helped make movies like “Rudý kapitán” (2016), “Denial” (2016), and “The Red Spider” (2015).
  • She’s married to Nigel Stubbs, and they have two kids.
  • Her dad is Zbigniew Wodecki, a famous singer from Poland.
  • She runs the Zbigniew Wodecki Foundation, which keeps her dad’s music alive.
  • Katarzyna was part of an event in Krakow, Poland, on June 10, 2022, where they showed a special stamp honoring her dad as a Polish music star.


What are Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs’ notable achievements?

Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs has reached important milestones in her career, including.

Is Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs involved in any philanthropic activities?

While details might vary, Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs likely participates in activities to help the community.

Where can I find more information about Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs?

For more details about Katarzyna Wodecka-Stubbs, you can check reputable sources like.

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