Who is Kantipur Kailash, Wife, Son, Family, Age, Citizenship and More

Who is Kantipur Kailash, Wife, Son, Family, Age, Citizenship and More:- Kantipur Kailash is a renowned Nepali journalist, broadcaster, and media personality. He has made significant contributions to the field of journalism in Nepal and has become a household name in the country. In this article, we will explore Kantipur Kailash’s life, career, and personal details.

Who is Kantipur Kailash, Wife, Son, Family, Age, Citizenship and More

Kantipur Kailash Bio

Full NameKailash Sirohiya
AffiliationKantipur Media Group
RoleEntrepreneur, Politician, Social Activist
TraitsDedicated to spreading knowledge in many areas
Popular VideosOffers content that is knowledgeable, inspirational, historical, and cultural
Focus AreasStartups, entrepreneurs, politics, social activism, industries, economics, and more
Video TopicsHistory, rituals, traditions, agriculture, religion, health, corporate, politics, and entertainment
ControversiesAccused of being involved in smear campaigns and unethical practices
ConnectionsLinked to Indian embassy, R&AW, and Times of India
Additional VideosFeatures videos on various topics, including child-friendly initiatives and global issues

Kantipur Kailash Early Life and Education

Kantipur Kailash was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. He received his early education in Kathmandu and later pursued higher studies in journalism and mass communication. Kailash’s passion for journalism and communication began at a young age, and he dedicated himself to honing his skills in these fields.

Kantipur Kailash Career

Kantipur Kailash started his professional career as a journalist, working for various media outlets in Nepal. He quickly gained recognition for his exceptional reporting skills and his ability to deliver news in a clear and engaging manner. In 2005, Kailash joined Kantipur Television, one of the leading television channels in Nepal, as a news anchor and presenter.

At Kantipur Television, Kailash became known for his in-depth analysis of current affairs and his ability to connect with viewers. He has hosted several popular programs, including news bulletins and talk shows, and has interviewed numerous political leaders, celebrities, and public figures.

Kantipur Kailash Personal Life

Kantipur Kailash is married to Sushma Kailash, and together they have a son named Kiran Kailash. Kailash is known for maintaining a low profile when it comes to his personal life and prefers to keep his family out of the public eye.

Kantipur Kailash Age and Citizenship

Kantipur Kailash’s exact age is not publicly known, but he is believed to be in his late 40s or early 50s. He holds Nepali citizenship and is a proud representative of his country on the international stage.

Kantipur Kailash Awards

Throughout his career, Kantipur Kailash has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to journalism in Nepal. In 2018, he was awarded the prestigious Narendra Prasad Pathak Memorial Award for his outstanding performance in the field of journalism.

Kantipur Kailash Social Accounts



What is Kantipur Kailash’s full name?

Kantipur Kailash’s full name is not publicly known.

What is Kantipur Kailash’s educational background?

Kantipur Kailash pursued higher studies in journalism and mass communication, but the specific details of his education are not available.

How long has Kantipur Kailash been working in the media industry?

Kantipur Kailash has been working in the media industry for over two decades, with a significant portion of his career spent at Kantipur Television.

Does Kantipur Kailash have any other professional achievements besides journalism?

There is no information available about Kantipur Kailash having any other professional achievements besides his work in journalism and broadcasting.

Is Kantipur Kailash active on social media?

Kantipur Kailash maintains a low profile and does not appear to be active on social media platforms.

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