Anand Ranganathan Wikipedia, Net Worth, Who is , Books, Twitter, Bjp

Anand Ranganathan Wikipedia, Net Worth, Who is , Books, Twitter, Bjp:- Anand Ranganathan is well-known in science, journalism, and academia. He works as a Consulting Editor and columnist for Swarajya. His career includes scientific research, writing, and media, making him a prominent figure in India.

Anand Ranganathan Wikipedia, Net Worth, Who is , Books, Twitter, Bjp

Anand Ranganathan Bio

Full NameAnand Ranganathan
Education– BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi
– BA (Tripos) in Natural Sciences, MA, and PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK
Career– Research Scientist at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Delhi (16 years)
– Professor at the Special Centre for Molecular Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi (since 2015)
– Consulting Editor at Swarajya
– Columnist for publications like Swarajya, DNA, Newslaundry, Firstpost, and Quartz
Scientific Contributions– Expertise in Directed Evolution and Pathogenesis, focusing on Tuberculosis and Malaria
– Published in journals such as The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Chemistry & Biology, The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Journal of Clinical Investigation, and Nature Communications
Books– “The Land of the Wilted Rose” (2012)
– “For Love and Honour” (2015)
– “The Rat Eater” (2019, co-authored)
– “SoufflĂ©” (2023)
– “Hindus in Hindu Rashtra” (2023)
– “India’s Forgotten Scientists” (2024, co-authored)
Awards and Recognition– Young Scientist award from the World Economic Forum
– Award from the Indian National Science Academy
Social Media– Active on Twitter, sharing insights and engaging in discussions on various topics

Anand Ranganathan Early Life and Education

Anand Ranganathan was born into a family of scientists. He started his education with a BSc in Chemistry from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi. He then went to the University of Cambridge, where he got his BA, MA, and PhD in science.

Anand Ranganathan Career

Ranganathan has made important contributions to scientific research, especially in Tuberculosis and Malaria. He helped develop a new vaccine for Tuberculosis. He also writes for platforms like Newslaundry, DNA, and The Newsminute, showing his skill in communication and analysis.

Anand Ranganathan Notable Works

Besides his scientific work, Anand Ranganathan is an author of three fiction books: “The Land of the Wilted Rose,” “For Love and Honour,” and “The Rat Eater,” which he co-wrote with Chitra Subramaniam. This shows his talent in both science and literature.

Anand Ranganathan Awards

Ranganathan has received several awards, including the Young Scientist award from the World Economic Forum and the Indian National Science Academy. These awards highlight his dedication to excellence and innovation in his fields.

Anand Ranganathan

Anand Ranganathan Controversies

Ranganathan has faced some controversies, such as the removal of his Wikipedia page, which led to discussions about bias and fairness online. His outspoken views on social and political issues have received both praise and criticism, reflecting his commitment to free speech and intellectual debate.

Anand Ranganathan Social Accounts



What is Anand Ranganathan’s Net Worth?

Anand Ranganathan’s net worth is not publicly known, as he focuses more on his work in science, writing, and media.

What is Anand Ranganathan’s Association with BJP?

Anand Ranganathan does not have explicit political ties and is known for his independent and critical analysis of various political topics.

How Active is Anand Ranganathan on Twitter?

Anand Ranganathan is very active on Twitter, where he shares his thoughts, opinions, and engages in discussions on many topics, showing his dedication to open dialogue.

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