Who is Melissa Gilbert Married to

Who is Melissa Gilbert Married to:- Melissa Gilbert is an American actress, director, producer, and politician, best known for her iconic role as Laura Ingalls Wilder in the NBC series “Little House on the Prairie.” Born on May 8, 1964, in Los Angeles, California, Gilbert has had a long and illustrious career in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will explore her personal life, including her marriages and relationships.

Who is Melissa Gilbert Married to

Melissa Gilbert Bio

Melissa GilbertMay 8, 1964Actress, Director, Producer, PoliticianBo Brinkman, Bruce Boxleitner, Timothy Busfield2, 3 stepchildrenJonathan Gilbert, Sara Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert Early Life and Career

Gilbert began her acting career as a child, appearing in numerous commercials and guest starring roles on television. Her breakout role came when she was cast as Laura Ingalls Wilder in “Little House on the Prairie,” a role she played from 1974 to 1983. During this time, she also appeared in several television films, including “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “The Miracle Worker.”

Melissa Gilbert Marriages and Relationships

Gilbert has been married three times:

  1. Bo Brinkman (1988-1992): Gilbert’s first marriage was to Bo Brinkman, with whom she had a son, Dakota Brinkman, born in 1989.
  2. Bruce Boxleitner (1995-2011): Gilbert’s second marriage was to Bruce Boxleitner, with whom she had no children. Both of her ex-husbands played Confederate officers in the film “Gods and Generals” (2003).
  3. Timothy Busfield (2013-present): Gilbert’s third and current marriage is to Timothy Busfield, an actor and director. The couple met in 2012 and got married in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, California, in April 2013.

Melissa Gilbert Personal Life

Gilbert has been open about her struggles with addiction and has written about her experiences in her autobiography, “Prairie Tale: A Memoir.” She has also been involved in various charitable endeavors, including working with the Screen Actors Guild and the American Cancer Society.

Melissa Gilbert Social Accounts

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Who is Melissa Gilbert married to?

Melissa Gilbert is currently married to Timothy Busfield, an actor and director.

How many children does Melissa Gilbert have?

Melissa Gilbert has two children, Dakota Brinkman with her first husband Bo Brinkman, and two stepchildren from her second marriage to Bruce Boxleitner.

What is Melissa Gilbert’s net worth?

Melissa Gilbert’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, primarily due to her successful acting career and various business ventures.

What is Melissa Gilbert’s current occupation?

Melissa Gilbert is an actress, director, producer, and politician. She has been involved in various projects, including television shows, films, and stage productions.

What is Melissa Gilbert’s most famous role?

Melissa Gilbert is best known for her iconic role as Laura Ingalls Wilder in the NBC series “Little House on the Prairie.”

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