Steve Gerben’s Hand, Age, Disease, Wikipedia, Comedian

Steve Gerben’s Hand, Age, Disease, Wikipedia, Comedian:- Steve Gerben is a versatile figure recognized for his roles as an actor, writer, and comedian. His latest project, the Netflix series “Tires,” has captured attention with its crude, deadpan, and raunchy humor. This article explores Gerben’s life, including his hand disorder, age, and career achievements.

Steve Gerben's Hand, Age, Disease, Wikipedia, Comedian

Steve Gerben Bio

NameSteve Gerben
Height6′ (1.83 m)
Known ForTires (2024), Gilly and Keeves (2020), Gilly and Keeves: The Special (2022)
Early CareerStarred in Comedy Central’s Delco Proper, specifically starring as Gordy in a sketch titled “A Family Business”
InspirationChristopher Titus, Bill Cosby
Stand-up ComedyStarted in high school, influenced by Lewis Black
Viral Sketch“Men from Different Periods Arguing About Immigrants” (2018)
TiresCo-creator, portrays Will, and executive producer
Other WorksGilly and Keeves, Gilly and Keeves: The Special, Delco Proper

Steve Gerben Early Life and Career

Steve Gerben, born in the United States, has had a prolific career in the entertainment industry. His early acting roles include appearances in shows such as “Delco Pepper,” “Gilly and Keeves,” and “Gilly and Keeves: The Special.” In addition to acting, Gerben has contributed as a writer to several projects, notably “Tires” and “Gilly and Keeves.” He also has directing credits for “Gilly and Keeves.”

Steve Gerben Hand Disorder and Disease

A notable aspect of Gerben’s life is his hand disorder, caused by rheumatoid arthritis. During an episode of “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” Gerben shared that his medication had stopped working, and contracting COVID-19 worsened his symptoms. He humorously mentioned that his co-hosts could joke about his hands, noting he has only one usable finger.

Steve Gerben Age and Appearance

Although there is no definitive information about Gerben’s age, fans estimate he is in his mid-thirties. His appearance has sparked curiosity, with some fans commenting that he looks both 25 and 45. Gerben’s hands, affected by arthritis, have also drawn attention.

Steve Gerben Wikipedia and Notable Works

Steve Gerben’s Wikipedia page offers a detailed account of his career and significant works. His latest show, “Tires,” has been praised for its distinctive humor and relatability. The series centers on Will, a struggling manager trying to revive his father’s auto repair business, and his cousin Shane, who works for him.

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What is Steve Gerben’s hand disorder?

Steve Gerben’s hand disorder is rheumatoid arthritis, which affects the joints and causes inflammation and pain.

How old is Steve Gerben?

While there is no specific information on Gerben’s exact age, fans believe he is in his mid-thirties.

What is Steve Gerben’s notable work?

Steve Gerben’s notable work includes acting in shows like “Delco Pepper,” “Gilly and Keeves,” and “Gilly and Keeves: The Special.” He has also written for several projects, including “Tires” and “Gilly and Keeves.”

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